Pinboard #6

Just Got Made • 02 Sep 2014

Hello and welcome to our Just Got Made studio pinboard! A roundup of stories for the design and craft minded that we found most interesting, over the past fortnight.

JGM Pinboard cutouts


Designer-makers, step up and take your rightful place. The Royal Academy are holding an open call to find fresh, new products to include in their online shop and a showcase in London’s Burlington Arcade. If you’re a British maker whose got what it takes (course you have) get your submissions in before the 22nd September.
Full details here!

2. USE: Hyperlapse by Instagram

Amateur film makers rejoice – we have a new toy! Hyperlapse is a new app which allows you to capture steady, high quality time lapse videos, previously the reserve of only those with expensive kit. Not sure what on earth that last sentence means? Check out this video for a Hyperlapse demonstration.

3. DEBATE: Interactive pads

Pictured above are two experiments shown on the Arduino blog this week that create ‘interactive pads’. Important or irrelevent? Clunky and slightly odd projects they may be, but if you start thinking of  the possibilities around stitching responsive tech into textiles it may just blow your mind.
Work shown by Agy Lee and Kenneth Larsen

4. INSPIRATION: Prospect Cottage, Derek Jarman

A short film by photographer and gardener Howard Sooley gives a new snapshot into Jarman’s alternate world. Capturing how the industrial and natural world merges at Prospect Cottage, this beautifully crafted film creates a fascinating five minutes.
Via Nowness

5. DIY: Notebook

Making notebooks is one of lifes pleasures. Fact. This minimal notebook by Trendologie ticks the all the boxes for a quick and satisfying project: this DIY tutorial is simple, the outcome is special.