Just Got Made • 12 Sep 2014

Helen Kemp


Director and founder of Just Got Made Helen Kemp will be talking on Tuesday, 16th September at Somerset House, as part of the School for Creative Start Ups summer series. The talk is entitled “Bigger than the kitchen table: Manufacturing in the UK” and is aimed at those crafters, designers, makers and artists who are thinking about manufacturing products but don’t know where to start.

In the words of Helen:

“Hi! Bigger than the Kitchen Table will be an informal look at manufacturing in the UK – not for those companies looking to churn out thousands of identikit products, but for those who are working at the Just Got Made level – the micro businesses and individuals who are concerned with growing their companies in a sustainable, practical, and personal way.

I’ve worked as a production manager for the last seven years across the creative industries, initially as a way to earn money for rent and support my own textile design label. I grew to love both design and production and it was this combination that gave me the foundation and inspiration for Just Got Made.

In the first half of the talk I’ll be talking about my path through my various, multiple jobs (the highs and the lows!) and why I ended up loving production as much as design. We’ll also look at some stories of other interesting people I’ve met. In the second half we’ll look at more practical stuff: what approach will best suit your business, what resources are out there and how can you start building a confident plan for your business.

I look forward to meeting you!”

If you are interested please follow this link to reserve a place: http://www.meetup.com/CreativeStartups/events/204911382/ (seats limited, entry free)