PRESS: Esther Anatolitis

Just Got Made • 22 Aug 2014

Just Got Made_Esther Anatolitis

Esther Anatolitis is a one woman tornado and our director Helen was lucky to catch her as she spun into our hometown London a couple of weeks ago.

As a writer and curator Esther is Director of Regional Arts Victoria (Australia), co-curator of Architecture+Philosophy and advocate of the Arts. It was enlightening to gain her insight on the position of craft objects in both the UK and Australia and the challenges that face any organisational body trying to connect with rural communities (a primary focus for Just Got Made in the near future – join us rural makers!).

Esther has written a summary of her London visit, and had this to say about Just Got Made:

“Designer and entrepreneur Helen Kemp has recently launched Just Got Made, an online resource connecting small-run makers with the suppliers and small-scale manufacturers who they need in order to maintain a practice that stays at the craft level. Within weeks of launching there’s over a hundred registered for new connections – a phenomenal uptake that bodes well for a sustainable success.  The balance between exhibition practice and production practice, between hand-made production and limited run or mass production, was a common question during my time at Craft Victoria, and I know there’ll be plenty of Australian makers looking to this UK model.”

Thanks Esther!

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