Why we should still be making products in 2020

Just Got Made • 11 Dec 2019

As someone who overthinks a great deal, a rather plaguing question came to me recently in the middle of the night “why do I want to help people make more products when we live in a world groaning with eyewatering piles of wasted goods?”.

This was a dark night-thought indeed, but one that I know I’m not alone in thinking. A growing number of us makers, craftspeople and small businesses are uneasy with the conflict between creating ‘more stuff’ and feeling guilty about what our rampant consumerist society is doing to our environment and societies.

As this thought wouldn’t leave me alone, I did what any geek would do and went quiet while I researched it. And it’s good news because what I found was a deeper validation that we should all be supporting our community of makers to make more products!!

In a nutshell, creative small businesses making work are performing a vital action and creating a positive ripple out effect into the wider world.

You see…

It is the shop small movement that gives consumers choices about what they buy. No monoculture here, please.

It is designers that lead the way by innovating with materials, processes, and practices that prioritize ethics and sustainability. This filters into our industry and makes real change for the environmental and social crises we face.

It is our craftspeople who protect heritage, culture, skills and all the many intangible assets that craft gives to our society through the work they do.

And it is so often individuals and experimenters that bring me absolute joy with their fun, brilliant and downright weird products (please please never stop making this work!!).

Basically, this is just a quick note of encouragement to all designers and makers. Your work is appreciated!

Helen Kemp – Founder of Just Got Made