Pinboard #5

Just Got Made • 14 Aug 2014

Hello and welcome to our Just Got Made studio pinboard, a fortnightly roundup of what we found most interesting whilst we delve around in the making world!

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Just Got Made - Pinboard 5


We start with the relaunch of Not Just A Label. Fashion’s pioneering platform is a champion of avant-guard designers and is now a visual treat too with a new visual identity and website. 

2. TREND: Draw + Run

This weeks viral hit! Drawing on running apps is big news, so head to Running Drawing for inspiration before sprinting your own masterpiece.

3. USE IT!: Lost Type

Lost Type is a brilliant source of beautiful fonts on the web, especially good for banners and headline text. It’s a pay-what-you-can system 100% of which goes straight to the designer.

4. ART: Tim Hill + Art Map Editions

4. ART: Tim Hill + Art Map Editions
Definitely on our Pinboard this week is our Monster copmetition winner Tim Hill. You can now buy his work in a print edition on Art Map Editions.

5. Trend: Modular

The new ‘Ara’ phone being released by Google has a robust skeleton and choices of clipable modules which “can be developed by anyone; 3D-printed on demand, used, replaced and even resold”. The idea of modular is not new to hardware designers but no doubt its arrival via a Google product will createhuge public interest. How could you develop this concept?


Twenty five illustrators have made new work around the theme of bees, beekeeping and honey for Beetopia, an auction organised by The Honey Club. Raising money for charity, contributors include Heretic, Damien Poulain and Hvass&Hannibal (pictured). Buzz buzz! 

7. DEBATE: Can designers run a Successful Business?

Design Week are running a series of articles on whether creativity is compatible with running a business, which lead to a heated debate in our studio space. Read the article that sparked us off here.

8. READ: Editorial Design

Autumn release Editorial Design: Digital & Print by Cath Caldwell & Yolanda Zappaterra covers both the digital and traditional skills needed for creating engaging and beautiful “visual journalism”. In this era of communication, how to handle image, copy and layout seems vital to every designer.