Suppliers = South West 14 results found

Moon Studio Ceramics

small batch ceramics made in Dorset
South West

Home Thrown Studio

a potter with studio by the sea
South West

Kernowcraft Rocks and Gems

Cornish jewellery making supplies
South West

Forge Bristol

co-working space with photographic facilities
South West

Wick & Tallow

English scented candle makers
London, South West

River Cottage Upholstery

a master upholsterer based in deepest Dorset
South West

Lacuna Press

digital textile printing including 'make up' services!
South West

Happy Inkers

mobile printing workshops for all!
South West

Button Covering Services

bespoke buttons for EVERY occasion!
South West

Bristol Design Forge

laser cutting & etching for creatives in Bristol
South West