2020 vision

Just Got Made • 01 Jan 2020
A collage of designers, makers and craftspeople who are part of Just Got Made

Welcome to Just Got Made 2020 and thanks to each and every person who came back to me with their feedback over recent call-outs.

It’s so encouraging to see so much commitment to caring for the environment, to growing businesses sustainably, supporting workers and respecting ethical standards that hold us together as a planet.

Just Got Made started in 2014. We had a very different climate for making products then and different aims. It now feels time to reconfirm our values and offer new developments to the businesses we aim to support over the next ten years.

Our new decade’s purpose is

Giving creative small businesses support to achieve sustainable and ethical production goals.

Specifically, I want to reconfirm Just Got Made’s commitment to:

  • Treading lightly on our planet: sustainability, circular design, slow making, material choices, thinking always of the environment in a hyper-local and global sense
  • Putting Workers rights foremost: Transparency, respect, ethical working conditions and support for workers
  • Shining a spotlight on local businesses: in particular for isolated or rural communities in the UK
  • Giving a leg up to small businesses
  • Increasing diversity and women’s voices: in the production process

I hope this resonates and that together we can learn how to make products to be proud of and lead the way for the next generation of creative small businesses and their customers who hold the same values.

Looking forward to meeting you – online and off!



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