Pinboard # 3

Just Got Made • 21 Jul 2014

Pinboard: A fortnightly edit of happenings in the Maker Movement – News, Trends & JGM’s Favourite Finds…

JGM_Pinboard 3

1. Liberty Open Call 2014

Listen up! Liberty’s annual hunt for fresh British talent has been announced and is taking place on the 30th August. So if you fancy seeing your products on these hallowed shelves, head down to Carnaby Street (dont forget to register here first). 

2. Video, Kodama by 20syl

Described by director Mathieu Le Dude as a ‘roller coaster between magic and reality’ , this frankly addictive videois going viral. Handmade over two days in Mathieu’s garage, it’s a testament to his skill and patience.
Full Article: Creative Review 

3. Provenance, website

JGM is a big champion and supporter of UK manufacturers and the Shop Local Movement. So is Provenance, a new web-based platform for designers that focuses on an objects roots, giving makers a space to tell tales of “the materials, ingredients, people and places that make their products truely great”. 

4. Pencil Vases by Markunpoika

These exciting vases earned a place on pinboard this week thanks to their potent combination of beauty and experimentation. The ‘raw material’ is pencil, bonded together then turned on a wood lathe, the exposed leads making beautiful, animal like patterns. 
Source: This is Paper 

5. Materials for Design, Chris Lefteri

New publication ‘Materials for Design’ is a manual providing much needed information on raw materials. Visual and fact-packed, it’s a useful one for any studio shelf and particularly useful for product designers.
Materials for Design, Lawrence King

6. Businesses Club, The Design Trust

The Design Trust, with Patricia van den Akker at the helm has relaunched its membership: giving you the skills, knowledge, inspiration and community to create a business you are proud of. Well worth checking out.

7. New Designer’s Winners, 2014

Congratulations to winners of this year’s New Designer of the Year Awards at New Designers: Charlotte Beevor & Eric Downer!
Image, prints by Charlotte Beevor

8. Fraser Hamilton

Our studiomates Stables + Lucraft introduced us to the work of jeweller Fraser Hamilton, and we’re in love! Favourite piece – gold ring with two tiny cast hands gripping a ruby.
Images: Fraser Hamilton’s website


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