Supporting small manufacturing businesses and suppliers in 2021

Just Got Made • 08 Feb 2021

We absolutely love small batch manufacturers and suppliers.

You heard us. They are the best thing ever.

Specialist knowledge from knife-making to heritage-knitting, engraving to electron-plating, weaving to water jetting, we’ve got it all going on in the British Isles.

As a very small business ourselves, Just Got Made earns its bread and butter organising lively trade events that champion our selected businesesses, helping them to find new customers and strengthen their connections in the creative industries.

But while we are in a lockdown situation, we can’t do this work.

So we’re asking for your help.

We’ve run an online suppliers directory since 2014 that has been used by over 10,000 maker professionals to find the goods and services they need. This directory allows us to continue supporting our businesses online, while we’re forced to take a break from events.

Can you help spread the word about our directory and these small businesses??

If you are an organisation, community group or event venue we’d love to hear from you about being a partner.

If you are a supporter of making and craft and design please tell one other person about us, champion us on social media, keep opening our emails and come to our events when we open!

And if you know a brilliant UK based manufacturer or supplier, please tell us about them so we can add them in to the directory and keep growing.

Everything helps.

Thanks, and all the best,

Helen – Founder of Just Got Made

Just Got Made COVID response

Our response is simple. We’re taking it quietly and pacing like marathon runners. Our comms are minimal at this time, but we are still taking applications to our online directory and organising an event programme for 2021-2022. Thank you for your patience.