Field Trip: Woodcraftsman Tom Trimmins Wood Workshop

Just Got Made • 24 Aug 2018
  1. Furniture maker Tom Trimmins in his Islington Workshop


The workshop of Woodcraftsman Tom Trimmins: Thursday 27 September, 6:30 pm, Islington London.  £10

Field Trip is a series of public tours taking you behind the scenes of London’s hidden design workshops, small factories, and micro-manufacturing spaces. Discover the hidden spaces of the Maker Movement!

On the 27th September, we join professional furniture maker and woodwork teacher Tom Trimmins in his Islington workshop on a farm! Discover how fine furniture is made by hand and join our tour with Tom for a close up look at the tools, equipment, and processes he uses to create his unique work.

Our Field Trip guide is Tom himself, who tells us in his own words:

“Often people come to me with projects they need help to make real, or even just a vague but pressing urge to create with wood -its great to be able to encourage them! When I’m not teaching I’m making bespoke commissions or working on my product range.

On the Field Trip I will show some of my machines including the massive belt sander I built as well as some of my wooden planes and Japanese tools for a bit of contrast. Ill have some of my finished pieces of furniture to look at too after showing at the London Design Festival”

If you are interested in how things are made, working with wood and life as a professional craftsperson, this Field Trip is for you.

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