Breakfast Club: Networking for Creatives

Just Got Made • 13 Jan 2017

Just Got Made Networking Event

In 2017 I want to connect and collaborate with people I haven’t worked with before, stretch and think bigger! -Charlene, Just Got Made Maker Twitter Hour

Do not make eye contact. Enter the room and do a couple of sweaty laps. Desperately look for a spot that you can perch in, preferably behind a pillar or in a dark corner. Visit the loo and check phone. Get another drink, and another. Is it too early to legitimately leave yet? Gah!

Introverts can find networking intimidating, but fear not Just Got Made gang – there are a whole bunch of us in the creative industries, and all we need to do is learn a few simple techniques that will start making meeting new people at events fun, fresh and *gasp!* even quite a nice way to spend your time. 

Join our Breakfast Club group along with founder of Just Got Made Helen Kemp (chronic introvert, who has developed extrovert powers at work), offering her advice, tips and ideas of how to make networking really work for you, on your own terms. 

Breakfast Club: Networking for Introverts

Tickets £8, including coffee and something good to eat

Friday, 27th January 9.30 – 11.15am

Makerversity, Somerset House, The Strand, London WC2R 1LA

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Guest Speaker: Helen Kemp

Helen Kemp is the founder of Just Got Made, an award-winning network that connects the UK Maker Movement. She also teaches workshops on creative business topics, occasionally produces live events and festivals for interesting brands and arts organisations, and once managed to start and then ruin a fashion business.

Breakfast Club

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