Introducing: Lara Gorlach, Textile printer

Just Got Made • 14 Jun 2015

Lara Gorlach on Just Got Made

Lara Gorlach is a freelance printed textile designer who specialises in producing seasonal collections of hand-painted, screen-printed and digital fabric samples. Her work is bold, colourful and fluid and – for someone who states that traditional screen printing is her favourite process – incredibly modern.

We asked Lara five quick-fire questions to find out more about her work and practice:


You print both digitally and with traditional silk screens, which is your favourite?!

I love and feel most passionate with the traditional screen-printing process. 

“[Screen-printing] is always original and a very exciting challenge!”

Where have your prints been used before? 

I have screen-printed on lots of different materials/fabrics for various different clients. My prints samples have been sold all across the world to both commercial and luxury clients/ High-end to high-street.

Are you allowed give some examples?! 

I have worked with lots of fashion, interior and accessory designers such as Thomas Tait, Sophia Webster, Etre Cecil, Eddie Harrop, Osman, The Rug Company, Topshop, Asos, Reiss, French Connection…

Who is your dream client? 

I enjoy working with anyone who is interested and excited in using the Screen-printing method.

And finally, if someone is about to commission a fabric design for the first time with you, how should they approach you? Is there anything useful they should prepare beforehand?

I am always happy to arrange a consultation service to discuss the print project/commission. I am flexible to commissioning a design and screen-printing it or alternatively the client can have one of there own designs screen-printed. All I would need is the artwork, fabric and colour swatches.

Connect with Lara via her profile page:

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