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artisanal fabrics sourced from around the globe
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Welcome to The Fabric Merchant! Where fabrics have been lovingly sourced from international co-operatives, weaving villages and small businesses Supporting communities around the world.

The Fabric Merchant, established by Maxine Knight, is born out of the appreciation for beautiful textiles and the art of sewing.

The aim of The Fabric Merchant is to showcase culturally diverse fabrics, as well as the different techniques that are devotedly used in their making, some of which have been passed down from generation to generation over hundreds of years.

It is important that the artisans themselves are showcased, as The Fabric Merchant strives to support the communities, families and small businesses in keeping interesting fabrics alive. In doing this, it is fundamental that The Fabric Merchant gives a face to the people behind the fabrics and presents textiles that visually illustrate their cultural background.

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Textiles, Crafts & Sewing
Small Businesses, Individuals
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