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Siècle Colours is a company making paints for the home, set up and run by Simon March:

” The paint itself is made in Holland as Dutch-made paints are the best quality. We are proud to work with Schaepman, who have been making the best paint money can buy since 1830. I go there once every every two months and I make it in batches, like in a big Kenwood Chef mixer. I throw in all my resin, chalk and my water and I make my own products and ship it over to London.

Cheap paint will turn out to be an expensive mistake.What is your time and sanity worth to you? How much more of that cheap paint do you want to buy than you thought you needed to make it work? Our paint isn’t the cheapest, but it will cost you less.”

Siècle Colours are sold in: The Colour Makes People Happy shop (click) 

Area of Interest
Art, Other
Students, Small Businesses, Individuals
Contact details
Tel: 020 7207 1120
sold in
The Colour Makes People Happy Store,
53 Grove Vale,
London SE22 8EQ
Opening hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 18.00
Sunday 11.00 - 16.00