CAD design for jewellery & small objects
Quicksilversmithy, CAD Just Got Made

We provide affordable Computer Aided Design services for individuals and companies who need digital models built for 3D printing, or visual rendering.

Our specialism is jewellery design, but with our amazing software we can build pretty much anything. This is a new industry and part of the fun is working on original ideas. We can work with you to realise your designs whether they are traditional, modern, or quirky. We work with individuals who have a one off project, as well as with designer-makers and companies who want reliable 3D models for prototyping or production.

3D modelling and printing can be used to:

+ create master patterns, which can be stored easily in digital format and used again and again.

+Create prototypes which can be easily re-modelled, providing creative freedom before investing in expensive materials.

+ Render photographic quality images of your designs for promotional purposes

Area of Interest
Digital Manufacturing, Jewellery, Model Making, Product Design
Students, Small Businesses, Large Businesses, Commissions, Individuals
Fabrication, Model making, Design services, Jewellery maker, 3D Printing, Jewellery-facilities
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