artist exploring boundaries between 2D collage & 3D display

Push is a practising artist, using cut paper collage techniques to create shadow boxes, collages and diorama – intricate miniaturised scenes. Commissioned pieces are made using either his signature found imagery or from your own artwork. An interesting way to showcase ideas for display or photography. 

Push on his own work:

First and foremost, I am a collector of beautiful things. This leads me in my practice to respond to objects, found imagery and aesthetic stimuli. There is a humour and playfulness in my work that comes unbidden.

Primarily I am a collage artist who works purely in paper and only using images that I can find, i.e. I will not use digital images, it must come from a book, magazine or journal etc. This discipline merges into drawing, diorama, shadow boxes and also sculpture.

East of England
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Print, Art, Graphics / Illustration, Packaging & Display
Commissions, Individuals
Display, Artwork preparation, Model making, Specialist Presentation
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Tel: 07949705654
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