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hat supplies with vintage flair!
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Petershams Millinery Supplies was born out of a love and passion for hats and materials. We specialize in vintage hat making goods, and modern supplies with vintage flair.

Hello, I am Michelle, owner of Petershams Millinery. I’m a California girl who moved to London, England almost ten years ago. What a change of landscape!¬†For the first time ever I found myself purchasing winter coats, mittens, umbrellas and…hats!

But it was not always the functional hats that took my interest. It was the amazing hats ladies wore to the races, the fancy little numbers that adorned guests at a wedding. And the bride? Always my favourite! I simply needed to know how to make these masterpieces. After years of training in London I built up a great collection of vintage supplies and I am over the moon to be sharing it with you.

Area of Interest
Textiles, Crafts & Sewing, Fashion, Theatre & Costume
Students, Small Businesses, Individuals
Haberdashery, Beads, sequins, stones, Millinery supplies, Feathers
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Tel: +44 (0)7737572345
Petershams Millinery
Unit 12a, The Artworks
Elephant Road
London, SE17 1AY