Organic Sheepskins

the only organic tannery in the British Isles

Organic Sheepskins are a private tannery specialising in tanning sheepskins and goat skins using only an organically certified process. As well as a tanning service for clients there is also a shop selling sheepskins, goat skins and rugs.

All the skins are British bred, including Rare and minority breeds and the unusual!

“Tanning sheepskins began here in 1978 but it took many, many years to work out a process that was totally environmentally friendly, without the use of toxic chemical -long chats with elderly gents and trial and error cracked it! We use pure Mimosa extract from plantation grown trees in South Africa grown specifically for the purpose and no part of the tree is wasted. Only tannin from vegetable origin is environmentally friendly, nothing else is biodegradable. Mimosa gives a warm, soft, machine washable skin, with the fleece, fibre or hair as nature intended, minus the dirt and debris, which is friendly to people, babies and other animals. We have our own reed bed which cleans our grey water and supports it’s own eco system. ”

Organic Notes: Organic Sheepskins is the only organically certified tannery in the UK. The unique organically certified process which is Demeter certificate 323, Defra UK6 and also complies with SA standard.

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Organic Sheepskins
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