Little Big Laser Design Studio

laser cutting service with the personal touch

I am a London based studio delivering a personalised laser cutting & design service to the creative industries and individuals.

I have developed the focus of Little Big Laser to help others realise their end goals through my own investment, skills and most importantly my passion!

I have always had an eye for detail when designing products and this translates to designs that can be easily manufactured.

I have high production standards and invest in only the best equipment to ensure quality and also focus on environmental responsibility.

Area of Interest
Digital Manufacturing, Model Making, Product Design
Small Businesses, Individuals
Laser Cutting, Classes & Workshops
Contact details
Tel: 0208 316 1217
Unit 5 - Room 307/8
Second Floor Studio & Arts
Harrington Way
SE18 5NR
Opening hours
10.30am - 7pm, Monday - Saturday
Evenings by appointment only