DOT Studio

specialist printers in the heart of Hackney, London

Dot Studio is a small, independent design and print atelier. We strive to create well-designed, distinctive products, exploring various types of materials in the process. We are always happy to help with your print project, advise on various printing techniques – including traditional – and eventually bring your vision to live. We’re interested in experimenting and welcome projects of any size/quantity.

 Our services include: Graphic Design – Print Design / Screen Printing / Foil Blocking / Letterpress / Embossing – Debossing / Die Cutting / Duplexing / Foil – Colour Edging


Area of Interest
Print, Textiles, Graphics / Illustration
Students, Small Businesses, Large Businesses, Commissions, Individuals
Vinyl Cutting, Foiling - paper, Printing - fabric traditional, Printing - clothes/bags, Printing - business cards, Printing - screenprinting, Foil blocking, Letter press
Contact details
Tel: Matt +44 07588248240, Marta +44 07599830525
Unit 1.1, Gaunson House,
Markfield Road,
Green House Studios
London, N15 4QQ
Opening hours
Monday - Friday, 09.00 - 18.00