DIWAH Jewellery


With DIWAH you can design unique, semi-precious fashion jewellery using our online jewellery designer, incorporating luxe elements and an array of stylish, hand cut components. We also create original statement pieces that stand out and can be customised to showcase your personality, for a beautifully individual look.

At Diwah, you become the designer; each piece you create is handmade by a dedicated member of the artisan team in our UK HQ. We are committed to British based production and personally select each element used in our jewellery. The materials we use are ethically sourced to uphold these DIWAH values, resulting in bespoke jewellery, custom made especially for you.

DIWAH jewellery is about customisation and unique style, allowing you to experience creating your own piece. Upon receiving your fabulous item, you’ll even find a handwritten note from the DIWAH team member who made your piece, for the ultimate in stunning personalisation.

Janet – founder and director – has a passion for fashion and anything that glistens. Her love of jewellery started at a very early age, by accessorising all of her clothes with vintage pieces of jewellery from her Grandma’s collection. Throughout her travels she developed a love for semi-precious gemstones and began to source the finest pieces from  across the globe.


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