duo hand-making luxury leather goods in the End-End

Hannah Cope and Chiara Carnevale make up the leather goods consultancy and manufacturing outfit, Cope & Vale. Based in North London, Cope & Vale aim to provide design consultancy, sampling and small-scale manufacture to London-based designers.

Between them, the duo have many years of experience in hand-making luxury leather goods for the fashion industry; understanding the importance of seasonal sales, pricing at the right level and incorporating unusual design features that make your pieces stand out. As well as leather, they also work with varying grades of PVC and Silicone, as well as fabrics, canvas and sailcloth.

In addition to fashion accessories, Cope & Vale have a small portfolio of product design and interiors work.

Area of Interest
Crafts & Sewing, Fashion, Other
Small Businesses, Individuals
Leatherworking, Garment Sampling, Accessories manufacturing
Contact details
Tel: 07815 899953
Apt. 16, 29 Laycock St.,
N1 1UR
Opening hours
9.30am - 7.00pm Monday - Friday