Charlotte Gaisford

will turn your illustrations into beautiful repeating patterns

I am a Surface Pattern Designer, I make repeat patterns out of images etc. I design my own repeat patterns but I can also be commissioned to design repeat patterns for you the customer. You can give me your raw designs, even a sheet of paper or a JPEG image and I can help you make this into a repeat pattern. I use Illustrator mainly because you can easily scale the designs without loosing quality and I can use Photoshop. I am really interested in layout and different methods of repeating designs, be it half drop, brick repeat, tossed etc and there are many more. I am here to help you and no job is too small to do, I am open to any ideas you may have.

I have always worked in an Artistic environment and I have had a great deal of business experience mainly to do with ‘on-line’ business. I created a company called Crafty Computer Paper in 2003 which is still here today and trading with a company called Specialist Crafts who I sold it to in 2010.

If you are not sure about digital art of pattern repeats, I can help to explain all the processes involved. I would very much like to think that I would be an asset to your project and give you excellent quality service and work.

North East
Area of Interest
Print, Textiles, Fashion
Students, Small Businesses, Large Businesses, Commissions, Individuals
Pattern Design, Artwork preparation - Repeat patterns
Contact details
Tel: 01434 689583
NE48 4DB
Opening hours
Monday - Friday 09.00 - 18.00