Bright Potato

design services from concept to manufacturing

We are a design studio who specialize in creative product design and development.

Bright Potato as a name is a representation of both the philosophical and intellectual approach used to guide our professional and creativity activities. Derived from a variety of sources, the name highlights our search for intelligent design solutions focusing on our appreciation for the inherent beauty within the simplest of things.

Bright Potato combines a variety of skills, experience with a passionate desire to offer creative solutions to a broad range of contexts. As industrial product and furniture designers, we have the ability to provide expert creative analysis and innovative proposals to any stage of your creative development process. Whether you realise the need for some conceptual direction at the outset of a new project or you require technical design development for a specific segment of your project.

We can work from your outline specification regardless of whether you are trying to evoke a certain emotional reaction from your product, or work to a set of product design specification generated through sales and market research.

Area of Interest
Digital Manufacturing, Furniture, Model Making, Packaging & Display, Product Design, Technology / Electronics, Wood & Metalwork
Small Businesses, Large Businesses, Commissions, Individuals
Design services, Design and build
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