Animaux Circus

brightly coloured signage, murals & more
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Animaux Circus are a London-based design studio created by Lana Hughes, Margaux Carpentier and Rory Elphick, specialising in brightly coloured illustrations, murals, signage and much more.

A shared love of the animal kingdom, folk tales & shiny spray paint cans brought these three designers together, later leading them to creating bold and bright tales of their own. Animaux Circus can be found working in their studio in London, or out and about in the wilderness, leaving their designs across the world and populating it with their eccentric creatures and bold typography.

Ensuring that every project is created to the highest possible standard, great care and attention to detail is given to every job we have the pleasure of working on, big or small. Do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Area of Interest
Art, Graphics / Illustration, Packaging & Display
Small Businesses, Large Businesses, Commissions, Individuals
Display, Classes & Workshops, Sign making, Specialist Presentation, Mural painting, Hand lettering
Contact details
Tel: +44(0)7594973710
Studio C,
21-27 Millers terrace,
E8 2DP